Friday, 19 August 2016

Seibu KPP Train on the Shinjuku Line

Set 9101F of the EMU 9000 series, the KPP Train, passes through Seibu-Yagisawa Station

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu (KPP) is a Japanese singer and a fashion model. She is very popular among the young generation, as KPP creates unique Japanese subcultures such as kawaii (lovely) and decora (a street fashion with neon colors). She was born in Nishi-Tokyo City, near Tanashi Station on the Seibu-Shinjuku Line in 1993.

Seibu Railway can't keep their arms crossed in this favorable condition. This company has a precious opportunity to attract passengers by promoting KPP's popularity. On June 4th, Seibu launched a special poster train, named the KPP Train, on their lines. A 10-car train, set 9101F of the EMU 9000 series, is used for the KPP Train. Set 9101F was built by Seibu Tokorozawa Factory in 1993. It is the same age as the KPP. The original body color was yellow. Being wrapped in a pink-colored appearance, the KPP Train traveled on the Ikebukuro Line at first, but from July 30th, the company began to operate it on the Shinjuku Line as well. The large KPP features on the train bodies attracted the passengers and people on the Seibu lines.

In the meantime, I found KPP's authentic autograph in the KPP train. It was seen on the interior wall above the door of the driver's cabin. I remembered that KPP was invited to the departing ceremony of the KPP Train on June 4th, and got on this car, named unit number 9101. It was a very popular spot in the train. Two kinds of passengers, namely rail-fans and KPP-fans, gathered there and took photographs of the autograph by turns. So did I, of course.

A KPP poster and her authentic autograph is seen in car number 9101

Official information about Seibu KPP Train (in Japanese):