Monday, 12 September 2016

New Attraction on the Dead Track: Part 2

Group tour of Rail Mountain Bike, Gattan-Go

I was asked a question from one of my blog readers regarding the mechanism of "Rail Mountain Bike, Gattan-Go" in Kamioka Town. In answer to the question...

Firstly, the route of Gattan-Go is not a path, but a railway track. It means that the track is kept quite as it was while the railway was being operated. Local people didn't need to remove the rails from the track bed after Kamioka Railway ended its operations.

Secondly, Gattan-Go is a special vehicle operated on the track. It is modified from a bicycle. Once you pedal it, the vehicle travels on the track. The basic model is composed of two bicycles connected in parallel. The special model for families has auxiliary seats and a box for pet animals.

Because of the single track, the operation of Gattan-Go should be a group tour. More than twenty vehicles leave ex-Okuhida-onsenguchi Station one after another. It takes about 15 minutes to ex-Kamioka-kozanmae Terminal. After a break at the terminal, the participants again pedal the vehicles and go back to the starting station. It takes about 25 minutes because the return route is uphill.

There are several sights to see on the route. The most thrilling ones are two tunnels. Specifically, the longer tunnel is curved; therefore, it is perfectly black at the center of the tunnel. Furthermore, it is very cool even in summer. Ex-way stations and railway bridges are also good accents on the route.

A one hour tour went by so fast.

Ex-railway tunnel on the route of Gattan-Go

Official information of Rail Mountain Bike, Gattan-Go: