Thursday, 13 April 2017

Ex-Seibu Train on the Sunzu Line

Set 1302 of the EMU Izu-Hakone Railway 1000 series travels on the Sunzu Line

I have received a question from one of my blog readers, asking what kind of color design the Izu-Hakone Railway trains have. In answer to the question...

Firstly, Izu-Hakone Railway has standard colored trains. They have white-color bodies with dark blue-color stripes. Please look at the photo. It is an ex-Seibu Railway train, set 1302 of the EMU 1300 series with standard colored bodies. I like this color design, as it glows backed by the snow-capped Mt. Fuji.

Secondly, this company has a two-toned yellow and beige-color train, set 1301 of the EMU 1300 series, on the Sunzu Line. It is the original color on its Seibu Railway days, and named the Yellow Paradise Train. This color design is also beautiful and popular among rail-fans.

Thirdly, Izu-Hakone Railway has a revival-colored train, set 5501 of the EMU 5000 series, on the Daiyuzan Line. It has two-toned of the dark rose and beige-color bodies, and is called Akaden (red electric car). This color design was used as Izu-Hakone's standard until 1996. I also like this design, as it is very nostalgic for me.

What else? Oh, I almost forgot. There is a yellow-colored construction vehicle, KoDe 165 on the Daiyuzan Line. It is an ex-passenger car, and was modified to a construction vehicle in 1997. Its blue-colored oblique stripe is a good accent on the yellow-colored body.

I hope the above information will be helpful for the blog readers.

Set 1302 of the EMU Izu-Hakone Railway 1000 series and snow capped Mt. Fuji