Sunday, 28 May 2017

EMU Tokyo Metro 16000 Series: New Batch

The 4th batch train of the EMU Tokyo Metro 16000 series travels on the Odakyu-Tama Line

Although I often take the Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line, I have forgotten to update the topic of this subway route for nearly two years. I am going to report on it today. On September 16th, 2015, Tokyo Metro launched the fourth batch of their EMU, 16000 series, on the Chiyoda Line. This new batch of trains is a bit different from the previous ones. How and why is the new batch different?

Firstly, the new batch of trains has green and yellow colored stripes on the body, while the old batch has green and white colored ones. Secondly, a space is provided for wheelchairs in all new batch cars, while only 20% of the old batch cars have spaces for wheelchairs. Thirdly, the number of the LCD monitors above the passenger doors is increased. They are very informative for knowing the next station and operation status. Fourthly, the parallel and synchronous operations of the SIVs (static inverters or auxiliary power units) can be performed on the new batch cars, which means that only one SIV can be operated, if the power required is small. This world's first technology made it possible to reduce the electric consumption for air-conditioners, room lights, and so on.

For your information, the 16000 series debuted in 2010 to replace the deteriorated 6000 series. So far, a total of 33 sets, 330 cars of the 16000 series, have been built by Kawasaki Heavy Industries and Hitachi.

The 1st batch train of the EMU Tokyo Metro 16000 series travels on the Joban Line

Official information about the 4th batch trains of the EMU 16000 series (in Japanese):
Official information about the EMU Tokyo Metro 16000 series (in Japanese):