Thursday, 27 July 2017

Toyama Port Line: Another Tram Route in Toyama City

Toyama Light Rail Company TRL0600 series, "Portram", travels on the Toyama Port Line

Tram routes in Japan have been abolished one after another due to heavy traffic jams. However, there is an exception. Toyama city, which is located about 390 km northwest of Tokyo, recognizes the merits of a tram system. This local city has been creating a tram network as a main urban transportation system from the point of view of environmental protection and a barrier-free concept.

The Toyama-ko Line (Toyama Port Line) is a typical tram route in Toyama City. It had been operated as a standard railway by JR West. It was, then, succeeded by Toyama Light Railway Company, and renovated as a tram route in 2006. Connecting Toyama-eki-kita (Toyama Station North) and Iwasehama, its total operating length is 7.6 km. The track is single and electrified. The electric system is 600 V DC overhead.

The main fleet of the Toyama Port Line is the TRL0600 series. It is a low-floor type articulated vehicle. So far, a total of 7 sets, 14 units have been built by Niigata Transys. One of the features of this model is that each set shows a different body color. It is very colorful backed by the urban scenery.

For your information, the Toyama Port Line will be connected with the other tram route, named City Tram Line at JR West Toyama Station in 2020. Once the construction is completed, the trams are directly operated between the above two lines. It will be more and more convenient for passengers.

Toyama Light Rail Company TRL0600 series, "Portram", stands at Iwasehama Station

Official information about the Toyama Light Rail TRL0600 series, "Portram" (in Japanese):
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