Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Odakyu Romance Car Cake

Romance Car Cake is sold by a cake shop, Fugetsudo, near Seijo-gakuenmae Station

As I posted last time, construction of the double-double track (DDT) was eventually completed between Yoyogi-Uehara and Noborito stations (11.7 km) on the Odakyu Line. It took indeed 54 years after making its basic plan.

In commemoration of the DDT completion, many events are held on the Odakyu Line. For instance, one of the cake shops near Seijo-gakuenmae Station, named Fugetsudo, markets "Romance Car Cake" for an only limited time. It is strawberry shortcake with a Romance Car plate. The plate is made of sugar and chocolate. The design was taken from the Odakyu Romance Car, EMU 50000 series. I think it is well-made. Specifically, the streamline feature of the 50000 series was captured well. The taste of the Romance Car Cake is also good. The strawberry is sweet. On the other hand, the cream has moderate sweetness. I fully enjoyed this special cake with my family in the last weekend.

In the meantime, the EMU 50000 series, called VSE (Vault Super Express), is the representative model of the Odakyu Romance Car fleet. It was launched in 2005 as a 10-car train with articulated bogies. A total of two sets, 20 units were built by Nippon Sharyo. As you may know, the cockpit is upstairs, so that passengers can enjoy a front view through the wide front windows. VSE achieves a high level of popularity among tourists to Hakone, a mountain resort in the Tokyo metropolitan area.

Congratulations on Odakyu's DDT completion!

EMU Odakyu 50000 series, Romance Car "VSE"

Official information about Odakyu Romance Car:
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