Monday, 2 April 2018

2018 Sakura Season in Tokyo: The Odakyu Line

EMU Odakyu 3000 series arrives at new platform (B1F) of Shimokitazawa Station

As I posted last time, the Meteorological Agency of Japan declared that the sakura (cherry) started blooming in Tokyo on March 17th. Following to the Takaido area on the Keio-Inokashira Line, I visited the Seijo-gakuenmae area on the Odakyu Line to admire local sakura blossoms.

Tokoji temple is a famous sakura spot near Seijo-gakuenmae Station. There are many large sakura trees in the garden. In this season, these trees have pink and white-colored blossoms, so that local people flock to the temple. I am also one of those people. When I visited there after sunset, the full blossomed sakura trees were beautifully lit up by the LED lights backed by an ultramarine colored sky and a half moon. The night view of sakura blossoms was special.

In the meantime, when the sakara blossoms opened in Tokyo, the double-double track (DDT) construction on the Odakyu Line was completed. A new timetable was started that very day. The new DDT section is between Yoyogi-Uehara and Noborito stations. The total length of the DDT section is only 11.7 km, but the construction was quite a difficult task, since it was a densely populated area. It took indeed more than a half century after making a basic plan. 

The final construction section was around Shimokitawaza Station. A new platform for local and semi-express trains was opened in the first basement (B1F), while the existing platform in the second basement (B2F) was changed to become for express and rapid express trains.

Spring on the Odakyu Line is in full bloom.

Night view of Tokoji-temple Garden near Seijo-gakuenmae Station on the Odakyu Line