Saturday, 7 April 2018

"Keio Liner" Begins Service

EMU 5000 series, Keio Liner, stands at Shinjuku terminal

On February 22nd, Keio Electric Railway Company began commercial operation of Keio Liner, which is Keio's first reserved seat train, on their Keio and Sagamihara Line. Keio Liner leaves Shinjuku terminal, and heads to Keio-Hachioji on the Keio Line and Hashimoto on the Sagamihara Line. The number of operations is 5 for Keio-Hachioji and another 5 for Hashimoto every day. The departure time at Shinjuku is between 8 and 12 pm on weekdays; while it leaves between 5 and 9.20 pm on weekends and national holidays. Keio Liner bound for Keio-Hachioji and bound for Hashimoto is operated alternately. The fee for seat reservation is 400 yen.

Keio Liner has a similar concept with those of Keikyu Wing, Tobu TJ Liner, Seibu S-train and JR East's so-called Commuter Liner. They are for long distance passengers to secure their seats to go back home. Japanese businessmen and businesswomen are very busy. They sometimes need something as a treat for themselves, but their journeys home are hard, because commuter trains in Tokyo are packed. That is a background to these urban reserved seat trains appearing.

The train model for Keio Liner is the EMU 5000 series launched in 2017. A total of five sets, 50 cars, were built by J-trec. This model has multi-purpose seats, which the conductor can change from long seats to cross seats using a remote control system. The cross seat mode is applied, when it is operated as Keio Liner train.

Keio Liner is a new relaxing train in the Tokyo metropolitan area.

Interior of the EMU 5000 series, Keio Liner

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