Monday, 14 May 2018

Atami: Hot Spring City in Shizuoka Prefecture

Leaving Atami station, EMU JR East 185 series, limited express "Odoriko", heads to Tokyo

After enjoying Ooita Prefecture on Kyushu Island, we visited Atami in Shizuoka Prefecture on our Golden Week holidays. Along with Beppu, Atami is a famous hot spring city in Japan. It is located about 100km west of downtown Tokyo.

The name of the city, Atami, means "hot sea". Obviously, it represents that hot springs are seen on the coast in this city. In fact, we can see many bursts of steam from hot water wells here and there in the city. Another appeal of Atami is its beautiful view of the Pacific Ocean. It was still in early May, but we saw many tourists visiting the beach, who were relaxed in their own way. 

To get to Atami from Tokyo, you can choose from JR Central Tokaido Shinakensen or JR East Tokaido Main Line. Obviously, the Shinkansen train is faster. It took only 33 minutes from Shinagawa Station, but it is expensive. We took the Tokaido Main Line this time. JR East's limited express train, Odoriko (dancing girl), the EMU 185 series, was convenient. As I reported before, a media outlet recently stated that the EMU 185 series will be retired from the JR East tracks within a few years. It will be replaced by the EMU E257 series, which is currently operated on the Chuo Main Line.

Operation of the EMU JR East 185 series will soon end. Please ride on it and take photographs before it is too late.

Atami Sun Beach near Atami station