Wednesday, 26 September 2018

Kabutoyama: Another Scenic Spot in Kyoto Prefecture

EMU JR West 287 series, limited express "Kinosaki", stands at Fukuchiyama station

Subsequent to Amanohashidate, I am going to show you another scenic spot in the northern part of Kyoto Prefecture today.

Kabutoyama (war helmet mountain) is a small hill in Kyotango City. It rises only 191 meters above sea level. It looked just like an insignificant hill to me, but in fact, it is very unique. The view from the summit is great. We can see the rounded Kumihama Bay, which is surrounded by deep forests and green and yellow colored rice fields. The bay is divided into two parts by a long sandbar resembling Amanohashidate. It certainly is a superb view.

To get to this viewing point, the limited express train "Kinosaki" is convenient. "Kinosaki" is operated by JR West on the San-in mainline. Connecting Kyoto and Kinosaki-onsen, its operating length is 158 kilometers. The nearest station to Kabutoyama is Toyooka.

The train commissioned for limited express "Kinosaki" is the direct current EMU, JR West 287 series. The 287 series was launched in 2011 to replace the old EMU JNR 183 series. A total of 97 units were built by Kawasaki Heavy Industries and Kinki Sharyo. The technical specification of the 287 series is quite unique. All cars are motorcars, but each car has both an electric bogie and a trailing bogie. It is so called "all 0.5M train". The 287 series for "Kinosaki" have white bodies with gray and dark red stripes, which fits the beautiful coastal scenery of the northern part of Kyoto Prefecture.

View from Kabutoyama

Official information about limited express "Kinosaki", the EMU 287 series (in Japanese):