Friday, 8 November 2019

Chrysanthemum Season on the Arakawa Line

Unit 8905 (rose-red color) of the Toei 8900 series travels on the Arakawa line

It is already November. Time really flies. The minimum temperature in Tokyo is around 10 degrees Celsius. Last weekend, I visited the downtown area with my family looking for deep autumn scenes.

We found that a chrysanthemum show was being held at Kogan-ji temple by the local people. Together with cosmos, chrysanthemum is an autumn flower that represents Japan. They were yellow, purple, pink and white colored large flowers... so beautiful. Kogan-ji temple, also called Togenuki-jizo, is a famous tourist spot on the Arakawa line. Especially, elderly people love this place to pray for the cure of their diseases.

To visit Kogan-ji temple, the nearest tram stop is Koshinzuka on the Toei-Arakawa line. Tokyo once had a 181km-long tram network; but most routes were abolished due to heavy traffic jams. The Arakawa line is a precious survivor, as it was constructed as an exclusive track. Connecting Waseda and Minowabashi, its operating length is 12.2km. The track is 1,372mm dual-gauge. The electric system is 600V DC overhead.

The 8900 series is the latest electric car operated by the Transportation Bureau of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government (Toei). There are 4 types of body colors. They are orange (unit number 8901 and 8902), blue (8903 and 8904), rose-red (8905 and 8906) and yellow (8907 and 8908). The operator once planned to introduce a total of 16 units; however, it was canceled half way through, since it costed much. Instead, the 7700 series (converted from the 7000 series) has been increasing in numbers.

Chrysanthemum show is held at Kogan-ji temple near Koshinzuka stop on the Arakawa line