Friday, 21 October 2016

Toei 7700 Series: Renovated Model on the Arakawa Line

Unit number 7704 of the Toei 7700 series stands at Zoshigaya Stop

In parallel with the introduction of a new model. the 8900 series, the Transportation Bureau of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government (Toei) is conducting the renovation of an old model, the 7000 series on the Arakawa Line. The first renovated streetcar was launched on May 30th under the new name of the 7700 series. The 7000 series is the Toei's longest-serving active model launched in 1954. A total of 93 units have been built by Alna Koki. 10 of the 93 units are still operated on the track, but because they are decrepit, Toei plans to renovate 8 units of the 7000 series to the 7700 series.

What are the differences between the 7000 and the 7700 series? Firstly, the outer design has been changed to so-called modern-retro. For instance, unit number 7703 (ex-7015) and 7704 (ex-7031) are painted dark blue. It is chic and stylish. The doors have been widened for easily going in and out of passengers. Secondly, the traveling system has been totally changed. For instance, VVVF (variable voltage and variable frequency) inverter has been adopted as an electric control system to save electric power consumption. The bogies have also been changed to the advanced model, Type-FS91C, manufactured by Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corporation to enhance the riding comfort. Thirdly, the interior has been renovated. For instance, the displays have been changed from the single LED to the double LCDs to enhance the visibility.

According to Toei, the renovation cost of each unit is about $1.25 million.

Unit number 7703 of the Toei 7700 series leaves Higashi-Ikebukuro 4-chome Stop