Tuesday, 5 November 2019

EMU Seibu 001 Series: New Flagship Train

EMU Seibu 001 series, "Laview", travels on the Ikebukuro line

On March 16th this year, Seibu Railway Company launched a new express train, the EMU 001 series, "Laview", on the Ikebukuro line.

What is Laview? It is Seibu's coined word combining Luxury, Arrow and View. "Luxury" means a space that is like a living room. "Arrow" means high speed and "View" means large passenger windows of this new train. Seibu first launched an express train, the EMU 5000 series, "Red Arrow", in 1969 in time with the opening of the Chichibu line. The 5000 series was then replaced by the EMU 10000 series, "New Red Arrow", in 1993. 26 years later, Seibu eventually introduced the long-awaited new flagship train, "Laview".

Laview is an 8 car train consisting of 4 motor cars and 4 trailers (4M4T). The bodies are made of aluminum alloy. It was designed by a female architect, Sejima Kazuyo. The greatest features of the outer design are its rounded faces and large side windows. They are totally different from those of Red Arrow and New Red Arrow. The body color of Laview is metallic silver, which integrates into the scenery along the Seibu lines. The interior is based around the color yellow, and is also very beautiful. Regarding the technical specifications, the state of art VVVF (variable frequency drive) electric control system with full SiC-MOSFET elements was adopted. A total of 7 sets will be built by Hitachi by the end of March next year.

The Seibu express train is going to a new stage.

Side view of the EMU Seibu 001 series, "Laview"

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