Monday, 20 June 2011

EMU Class 365, Rapid Commuter Train

EMU British Rail Class 365 near Hatfield Station, East Coast Railway Line

On the fifth day of my vacation in the UK, I visited Hatfield, a northern suburb of London. It’s 32km to the north of Kings Cross Station and takes 22 minutes by a commuter service. Hatfield is famous for its old country house.

From Kings Cross Station, I took a train on the East Coast Railway Line, EMU Class 365, bound for Cambridge. The train operator is First Capital Connect. Class 365 was manufactured in York by ABB from 1995 to 1996. It’s composed of 4 cars (2M2T) with a maximum speed of 160km/hour. The electric system is originally dual voltage, but only 25kV AC overhead is adopted on the East Coast Railway Line.

After leaving Kings Cross, the train stopped at Finsbury Park, which is an interchange station to London Underground. Then, picking up the pace it ran through a suburb of London City. I saw stone built houses at first. But ten minutes later, before my eyes were pasture landscapes. Sheep were browsing under the clear summer sky.

In Hatfield, I visited “Hatfield House”. It’s conveniently situated for visitors, because the entrance is located in front of the railway station. The house was Jacobean style and built in 1611 by Robert Cecil, who was Queen Elizabeth I’s right-hand man. The adjoining garden was also attractive with beautiful roses.

Visit to splendid country house with the beautiful garden, the fine weather and riding a rapid commuter train …today was a pretty good day again for me.

Hatfield Station, a northern suburb of London, UK