Friday, 1 July 2011

News from Jakarta --- "JALITA" New Color

2011 color of EMU 8613F "JALITA", ex-Tokyu 8500 series at Bogor Station in Indonesia
Photo: Courtesy Faris Fadhli

I’ve received news from an Indonesian railfan in Jakarta … “JALITA” has changed its body color. What’s JALITA? It’s one of the commuter trains, which operate in the Jakarta metropolitan area of Indonesia. This train was manufactured in the 1970s in Japan under the name of EMU 8613F in the 8500 series and was operating on the Tokyu Electric Railway for more than 30 years.

In February 2009, JALITA retired from the Tokyu Electric Railway and arrived in Indonesia to spend a new life in Jakarta. This train was ardently welcomed by the Jakartans. In May, 2009, the Indonesian government held a special ceremony to establish a new commuter railway company in the Jakarta metropolitan area. On that occasion, JALITA was gaily-painted (the bottom photo) and selected as the celebratory train. That day, it carried VIPs such as the Transport Minister and the Secretary of State. For your information, JALITA stands for Jalur Lingkar Jakarta, in Indonesian, which means Jakarta Loop Line. Its godfather is the Transport Minister of Indonesia.

As I mentioned at the beginning of the article, JALITA changed its body color again recently as part of a periodic overhaul (the top photo). I always admire Indonesian people’s color sense, because they use distinct color designs. This time, they created a red, yellow and white colored face … very cool! I hope that this ex-Tokyo train will be active in Jakarta forever.

2009 color of EMU 8613F "JALITA", ex-Tokyu 8500 series at Bogor Station in Indonesia