Thursday, 22 September 2011

A Nip of Fall along the Fujikyu Line

EMU Fujikyu 1000 series and ears of silver grass (right) near Kawaguchi-ko Station

It’s still very hot in Tokyo although it’s the end of September. I must escape from the city and visit a cool piedmont on a weekend like this. Next destination should be… Mt. Fuji!

To visit Mt. Fuji, it’s popular to drive or take a highway bus. But, the main problems are traffic jams. Especially on a fine day, the traffic is bumper to bumper. So, it always discourages me from visiting there.

But, wait. I have an alternative transportation. That is the train! Taking the JR East and Fujikyu Railways, I can reach there without any road rage.

After getting off the JR East train at Otsuki Station, I transferred to the Fujikyu and headed to the foot of Mt. Fuji. This local company operates a unique train, “Fuji Tozan Densha”; EMU 1000 series (see the top photo).

Look at the following site.

The interior of the train looks like a living room. There are even book shelves and showcases! During the trip, I fully enjoyed this “living room” and relaxed as if I was at home. I spotted ears of silver grass, which are typical autumn features in Japan, here and there from the train window (see also the top photo).

At the foot of Mt. Fuji, I visited Hana-no-miyako Park near Lake Yamanaka. As the yellowish colored cosmos blossom is at their best now (see the bottom photo), many tourists flocked to the field and enjoyed it.

Autumn is only just around the corner.

Yellowish colored cosmos field near Lake Yamanaka

More information about Fujikyu Railway (in Japanese):