Tuesday, 20 March 2012

My Old Memory on the Tokyo Keibajo Line

Electric car JNR Number KuMoHa 40074 of Type 40 is preserved in the Railway Museum

Following my blog on January 24th, I would like to introduce another exhibit in the Railway Museum. That is JNR electric car KuMoHa 40074 of Type 40 (see the top photo). This classic electric car was manufactured in 1936 at Kawasaki Sharyo Ltd. (present Kawasaki Heavy Industries Rolling Stock Company). After being used as a commuter train in the Tokyo metropolitan area, it was retired in 1987. Eventually, it was exhibited in the Railway Museum in 2007 as a preserved car.

The body is riveted, heavily steeled, but gracefully rounded. A single circled headlight is also attached. The beautifully curved single roof at the top of the body is still modern, and the black staunch bogies look robust.

I have a precious experience of riding this classic train, when I was a boy. It was early spring, at this time in 1973. I went to Kokubunji on the Chuo Line to take the Tokyo Keibajo (Racecourse) Line, which would be abolished soon. When I arrived at the platform, I found a lovely classic electric car with a sure presence. That was my first meeting with KuMoHa 40074. The bottom is a picture of that time. I became fascinated by this classic car.

Since then, I have been meeting up with this classic car sporadically, such as at events of JR East. Whenever I see it, I enjoy its youthful figure.

Electric car KuMoHa 40074, it is even now an evergreen train.

Electric car JNR KuMoHa 40074, Type 40 at Kokubunji Station on the Tokyo Keibajo Line in 1973