Wednesday, 18 April 2012

EMU E257 Series, Kaiji on the JR East Chuo Line

EMU JR East E257 series, Limited Express Kaiji runs by full blooming peach trees

As I introduced in my blog on October 1st, 2011, the EMU E351 series, Azusa, represents a train on the JR East Chuo Line. It is certainly a super-star with a tilting system for passing through tight curves in mountain ranges at high speed, but another star, the EMU E257 series, Kaiji, is also popular among travelers on the Chuo Line.

The E257 series has been manufactured since 2001 to replace decrepit express trains such as the EMU 165, 183 and 189 series. While the technical performance of the E257 series is below that of the E351 series, the E257 series has many attractive points for passengers. For example, its large windows, to enjoy gorgeous sceneries, result in satisfied railway travelers. Speaking as a passenger, between the two trains, I prefer the E257 series.

In the meantime, Yamanashi Prefecture on the Chuo Line is in the middle of spring. In addition to Sakura (cherry), now is the best time to view Momo (peach) blossoms (see the following photo). We can see delicate flowers of pink and pearl here and there. Of course, in the autumn, we will be able to enjoy the sweet and rich fruit.

In April, the E257 series, Limited Express Kaiji, runs by beautiful Momo blossoms (see the top photo). Passengers can enjoy looking at splendid clear streams and beautiful mountain ranges as well. Mt. Fuji also rises from the mountain ranges on a clear day. There must be something to excite the emotions of railway travelers.

Peach field near Kasugai Station on the JR East Chuo Line