Thursday, 25 October 2012

Spider Lily Field on the Tobu Line

EMU Tobu 20000 series arrives at Tobu-Dobutsukoen Station

The season of spider lily (see my blog on September 26th, 2011) came again. I visited another spider lily field last month. My destination this year was Satte City, some 50km north of downtown Tokyo.

Satte, with a population about 54,000, is a small city in the eastern part of Saitama Prefecture. It has been growing as a post town of the Nikko Kaido (an old main road to Nikko) since the 14th century. Currently, it functions as a residential area for the people who commute to downtown Tokyo, Saitama City and so on.

A famous spider lily field is located on a bank, which is named Gongendou-tsutsumi, along Naka River. Local people have been working on planting spider lilies on the embankments to prevent slope failure and protect the environment. I like red colored spider lily flower very much as it's a signal of the coming of autumn after a severely hot summer.

To get to this gorgeous field, the Tobu-Nikko Line is convenient. I took the subway, Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line from downtown Tokyo, because trains on the Hibiya Line are directly operated into the Tobu Line. My vehicle was an EMU Tobu 20000 series.

The 20000 series trains were launched in 1988 to replace the old EMU 2000 series. A total of 13 sets, 104 units, have been manufactured by Tokyu-sharyo and Alna-sharyo. I like this train with its large front window. The russet brown colored stripe on the stainless steel body is also very elegant.

Spider lily field near Satte Station on the Tobu-Nikko Line