Friday, 25 January 2013

Another World in Midwinter on the Tokaido Line

Heading to Tokyo, EMU JR East 233-3000 series leaves Ninomiya Sta. on the Tokaido Main Line

Although it is very cold and snowy sometimes, we have "another world" in the Tokyo metropolitan area. I visited this unique spot, Azuma-yama (Mt. Azuma), this year again.

Azuma-yama is located near Ninomiya Station on the JR East Tokaido Main Line, some 70km southwest of downtown Tokyo. The 136-meter peak is less of a famous sightseeing spot than a recreation area for local people. It is just a small hill that you might see anywhere in this country.

Azuma-yama, however, is directly facing the Pacific Ocean to the south. Kuroshio (Black Stream), a warm ocean current, from the tropical region provides that area with a genial climate. If you climb up this small mountain in midwinter, you will find another world. Numerous canola flowers are blooming beautifully in the sunshine with snow-capped Mt. Fuji in the background (see the bottom photo). They are lovingly cared for by local people.

I could see the track of the JR East Tokaido Main Line from the summit. Penetrating the town of Ninomiya, it extended to the vanishing point. I saw a 15-car train, EMU 233-3000 series on the track, heading to Tokyo (see the top photo). It is 300 meters long, the longest commuter train in the Tokyo metropolitan area. I also viewed the Pacific Ocean on the far side of the train. It was blue colored, and contrasted with the green and orange colored train.

Azuma-yama, it is another world in midwinter in the Tokyo metropolitan area, never get tired of visiting it.

Winter scenery of Mt. Fuji over Canola flower garden at Azuma-yama Park near Ninomiya Station