Monday, 8 April 2013

New Shimokitazawa Station, Clean but Deep

EMU Odakyu 3000 series arrives at new underground Shimokitazawa Station

Following Keio Chofu (see my blog on October 17th, 2012), Keikyu Kamata (see my blog on November 15th, 2012) and Tokyu Shibuya (see my blog on March 20th, 2013), another railway construction has been completed in Tokyo.

Odakyu has been setting up a new Shimokitazawa Station underground together with double-double tracks (see my blog on March 23rd, 2013). After 9 years of challenging work, the first half of the underground double track was completed on March 23rd in 2013. All the trains have been moved to run on the new tracks. The two neighboring stations, namely Higashikitazawa and Setagaya-Daita have also been moved underground.

It seems to have been a very challenging construction, because a bi-level tunnel needed to be drilled just under the present surface tracks. Currently, half of the double track has been completed. The new Shimokitazawa Station is three stories below ground. The concourse is on the 1st floor of the basement. The 3rd floor of the basement is a platform for the double track, which has been just completed. Meanwhile, the 2nd floor is still under construction for another double track.

Although the new underground Shimokitazawa Station is clean and bright, it is a bit deep. It takes 5 minutes to transfer to the Keio-Inokashira Line; while it took only one minute when the old ground level station was used. The escalator between the concourse and the platform is also very crowded. There is a long line during rush hours.

It is hard to satisfy all requirements.

Platform of the new underground Shimokitazawa Station