Sunday, 19 May 2013

Classic Stainless Cars on the Ikegami Line

7906F of the EMU Tokyu 7700 series arrives at Senzokuike Station on the Ikegami Line

It is early summer in Tokyo and the sun can be very strong. It's still comfortable in the morning, but the temperature reaches about 25 degrees Celsius during the day. Air conditioners have been turned on in most of the commuter trains.

When I took the Tokyu-Ikegami Line recently, I came across classic stainless cars shining a bright and silvery white (see the photos). It was an EMU, Tokyu 7700 series. The 7700 series was originally launched in 1962 under the name of the 7000 series. A total of 134 units were manufactured by Tokyu Sharyo.

After being operated on the Toyoko and the Denentoshi lines, it was then modified in 1987 to become the 7700 series. New electric systems such as variable frequency drive with induction motors and new bogies were equipped on the 7700 series. The interior was renovated and air conditioners were also equipped. Currently, a total of 12 sets, 36 units are still operated on the Ikegami and the Tamagawa Line.

I often used this train when I was a high school student before the modifications were made. The 7000 series was a good train for me as long as I could bear the in-car heat in peak summer. The air expelled from the ceiling fans was like a heatwave. I often felt that my head was swimming.

Many years have passed since I graduated from high school. It is a fond memory now.

7906F of the EMU Tokyu 7700 series leaves Senzokuike Station on the Ikegami Line
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