Thursday, 13 June 2013

Iris Garden on the Kashima Line

EMU JR East 209 series approarches Junikyo Station on the Kashima Line 

As I mentioned in my blog on June 9th, 2013, June is the iris season in Suigo (Water Country). I am going to show you the largest iris garden in the area.

Look at the following picture. It is an iris community of Suigo-Sahara Water Garden, Katori City in Chiba Prefecture. The iris is a typical flower in the rainy season in Japan. Large colorful flowers attract millions of gardeners and flower lovers. My favorite is the bluish purple colored blossom. It is very gorgeous, but elegant as well. It is said that the practice of viewing iris flowers began to spread throughout Japan in the 13th century. Then, in the 17th century in the Edo Period, the iris was modified by flower-loving Samurais, and various kinds of breeds were generated.

To visit this beautiful water garden, take the JR East Kashima Line and get off at Junikyo Station. The Kashima Line was opened in 1970. Connecting Katori and Kashima Soccer Stadium, the total operating length is 17.4km. The whole route is an electrified single track. All trains are directly operated into the Narita Line for Sahara and Narita. Furthermore, some of them are extended to Chiba and Tokyo.

Four and 6-car trains, the EMU 209-2000 and 2100 series, are in service as local trains on the Kashima Line (see the top photo). It was previously operated in the central part Tokyo, and sent to this local line in 2010 after interior renovation.

Iris community in Suigo-Sahara Water Garden near Junikyo Station on the Kashima Line