Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Autumn Colors in Yamanashi Prefecture

EMU JR East E257 series, limited express "Kaiji" arrives at Katsunuma-budokyo Station
The autumn deepens in the Tokyo metropolitan area. The leaves still keep green in the city; but they have started to change in the high altitude area. I visited a high mountain in Yamanashi Prefecture with my family to admire the tinted autumn foliage.

We took a bus in front of Kofu Station on the Chuo Line. Our destination was Hakuou Valley, which was a great spot for enjoying the beautiful autumn leaves. The leaves start to change from early on in the valley, because it is a plateau over 1,000 meters above sea level. When we visited there, the valley was at the height of the fall foliage. They were glowing red, brown and yellow in the sunlight backed by the blue sky. We really choked up for words.

On the way back home, we stopped over at Katsunuma-budokyo Station to make a short visit to our favorite vineyard. The grape leaves were still keeping green, and the vineyard was still open; but the farmer told us that it was the last day to open the vineyard this year. We were lucky to pick this year's final fresh grapes.

Before sundown, we hopped on the Chuo Line train again. Our vehicle was the EMU JR East 257 series, limited express "Kaiji". The E257 series has an attractive feature for passengers. It has large windows to provide passengers with gorgeous scenery. We enjoyed beautiful evening scenes through the window on the way back to Tokyo.
Autumn leaves in Hakuou Valley near Kofu Station on the Chuo Line