Wednesday, 11 December 2013

EMU 9000 Series: Hankyu Maroon a la Mode

EMU Hankyu 9000 series stands at Hankyu-Sannomiya Station on the Hankyu-Kobe Main Line
Hankyu is one of the major railway companies in Japan. It operates about a 140km long line network in the Kansai (Kobe, Osaka and Kyoto) area, and carries an average of 1.95 million passengers per day.

As is the case with Tokyo, the railway business in the Kansai area is competitive. Many companies, such as JR West, Kintetsu, Keihan, Hanshin and Hankyu are fighting to attract passengers. In 2006, Hankyu and Hanshin merged into a single entity, namely Hankyu Hanshin Holdings. The direct cause of the management integration was to contain the impact of hedge funds; however, I think that it had a close connection to "the flow of history". It means that the two companies needed to survive at a time when the labor force is shrinking because of the falling birth rate and the aging population in Japan.

All the trains on the Hankyu line have been keeping up a tradition for a long time. It is "Hankyu maroon"... the body color of the trains. This color is like a chocolate or a dark brown shell of a sweet chestnut. It is very popular among passengers as an elegant color. The EMU 9000 series is also Hankyu maroon in color. But, different from the other Hankyu fleet, it has a white stripe on the top. It is like an ice cream on a chocolate cake, and a good accent with this train.

EMU 9000 series... it is a "Hankyu maroon a la mode".

EMU Hankyu 9000 series arrives at Hanakuma Station on the Hankyu-Kobe Kosoku Line