Friday, 13 December 2013

Indonesian Railway Update: Test Run of the 205 Series

Set number HaE 11 of the EMU ex-JR East 205 series (test run train) stands at U.I. Station
Photo: Faris Fadhli
I have received news from an active Indonesian rail fan again. Test runs of the ex-JR East EMU have started in Jakarta. My thanks go to Mr. Faris Fadhli, who kindly sent me the photo.

The top picture is the EMU ex-JR East 205 series standing at Universitas Indonesia Station on the Bogor Line. As I mentioned before, the railway operator, KRL Jabodetabek, is pursuing modernization of the railway network in Jakarta. All non-air conditioned trains have been taken off the route. Instead, they have been importing air conditioned secondhand EMUs from Japan.

The JR East 205 series is a direct current EMU, which debuted in 1985. It has been widely operated on the urban lines in Tokyo. A total of 23 sets, 230 units, have been introduced to the Saikyo Line. The 205 series has gabled stainless bodies with a dark green colored stripe. It has been a daily occurrence for me to see these trains in Shinjuku Station.

It is time for the 205 series to retire... they are a bit old; but they still have a role. The retired 205 series recently arrived in Indonesia to spend their new life. They are being modified to the local style. The coloring design was changed from a dark green colored stripe to a flashy red-yellow mask and belt... very cool!

The Indonesian local operator plans to import a total of 180 units of the 205 series. I wish the 205 series well for its new life in Jakarta.

Set number HaE 26 of the EMU JR East 205 series stands at Shinjuku Station (May, 2012)