Sunday, 5 January 2014

Diesel Rail Car on the Ryugasaki Line

Diesel rail car, Kantetsu 2000 series arrives at Ireji Station on the Ryuhasaki Line
After my visit to Uchihara Rail Yard on the Joban Line for the event of "Mito Railway Communication Day" last November, I stopped over at Sanuki Station on my way back home. What I was looking for was a diesel rail car on the Ryugasaki Line.

Ryugasaki is located some 50km northeast of Tokyo, and has been developed as a commuter city since the 1970's. There are two new residential areas and one industrial complex in the city.

The Ryugasaki Line is a small local route operated by Kanto Railway Company. Connecting Sanuki and Ryugasaki, the operating length is only 4.5km. This route was opened in 1900 as a 762mm gauge light railway, where small steam locomotives and passenger carriages were operated. Currently, it has become a 1,067mm gauge unelectrified single track, where diesel rail cars are operated.

The main rolling stock of the Ryugasaki Line is the diesel rail car, 2000 series, which was commissioned in 1997. A total of two units have been manufactured so far by Niigata Tekko. It is similar to the 2100 series on the Joso Line (also operated by Kanto Railway), but the 2000 series has door steps for lower platforms.

I got off at Ireji, an intermediate local station between Sanuki and Ryugasaki for a stroll. I saw a small cosmos garden on the platform. It was clear and sunny day in the late autumn. The cosmos blossoms were swaying in the wind.

Winter was only just around the corner.
Diesel rail car, Kantetsu 2000 series stands at Ireji Station on the Ryugasaki Line