Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Tokyo Snow Scene: Taking Romance Car Photos

EMU Odakyu 60000 series, Romance Car, "MSE",  passes through Chitose-Funabashi Station
It is late-winter in Japan. The mountains block the cold, wet wind blowing from the northwest, which causes heavy snow to fall on the Japan Sea side. Only dry air then comes to the Pacific side, including Tokyo, every day.

Wait a minute! It is not necessarily so. Once a low-pressure system approaches the Pacific side, Tokyo also experiences snowfall. On Saturday, February 8th, a strong low-pressure system hit Tokyo. We saw 27cm of snow, which was the heaviest snowfall in 45 years.

It was a hard time for railway employees, as they got sucked into the snow shoveling in the railway facilities. Thanks to their hard work, most of the trains were operated smoothly in Tokyo.

I felt guilty about the hardworking employees, but nothing was more exciting than snowfall, since it was a chance to take photos of snow scenes. I went to my nearest station on the Odakyu Line and waited for trains rushing towards me in the snow.

The first train was the EMU 30000 series, Romance Car, "EXE". The brilliance of the two frontal lights was power to burn in the snowfall. After several local trains passed right in front of me, the other Romance Car, EMU 60000 series, "MSE" appeared. It was limited express, "Asagiri" directly operated from the JR Central Gotemba Line. It was snow crusted and filed past me at top speed.

I got good shots in the snowfall. I had chills, but it was worth the wait.

EMU Odakyu 30000 series, Romance Car, "EXE", passes through Chitose-Funabashi Station