Tuesday, 20 May 2014

EMU 113/115 Series: Revised Hiroshima Color

EMU JR West 113 series (revised Hiroshima color) stands at Yokogawa Station

The operation of railway vehicles is like a human life. One train is brilliant, but its lifespan is short; meanwhile, the other train is quiet, but its lifespan is long.

For instance, the Shinkansen train is brilliant. It is popular among the passengers, but, its lifespan is very short... only 15 years on average. Why so short? It is because of the high speed. Shinkansen train runs about five million kilometers in a time span of 15 years. It is the equivalent of 125 laps of the globe, so the equipment deteriorates rapidly.

On the other hand, a standard commuter train is quiet. It does not stand out, but some of them enjoy long life-spans. The EMU 113 and 115 series represents a long-life train. It is a standard commuter train launched in 1963. Nearly 5,000 units have been manufactured over 20 years. Although many 113 and 115 series have been scrapped, some of them are still around.

What is the secret of longevity? I think that it is because the 113 and the 115 series is an all-arounder. For example, the 115 series is able to operate in the snowy regions, as it has snow brake equipment. It is also able to operate on steeply sloping routes, as it has holding brake equipment. The 115 series is tough and strong!

The revised Hiroshima color is my favorite body color on the 113 and the 115 series. It is like a St#rb#cks Latte, isn't it? I'm in need of a break now. Let's go to the coffee shop.

EMU JR West 115 series (revised Hiroshima color) stands at Iwakuni Station