Monday, 9 June 2014

Double Gondola Lift in Gumma Prefecture

Double gondola of Haruna-san Ropeway and Lake Haruna in Gumma Prefecture
Mt. Haruna is located in the central part of Gumma Prefecture, some 120km North of Tokyo. It is a volcano whose summit is 1,390m above sea level. Because of its beautiful scenery, a lot of sightseers visit there throughout the year. I visited this superb spot with my family at the weekend.
To enjoy this volcanic mountain, Haruna-san Ropeway is convenient. Connecting Haruna-kogen and Harunafuji-sancho stations, it was opened in 1958. The operating length is 527m. The height difference between the highest and lowest points of the route is 269m. One of the features of this aerial tramway is its gondola. It is a double gondola to secure transportation capacity. Passenger capacity per cabin is 15; therefore, a total of 30 persons can ride on each trip. It takes only 3 minutes from the mountain foot to the summit. We can look over the blue colored crater lake, Lake Haruna, from the cabin window.

After enjoying the beautiful volcano, we visited a lovely garden, "Iris Hill," near Mt. Haruna. This garden is famous for its beautiful German Iris flowers from May to June. We admired the iris-filled garden, but I myself was personally fascinated by the Chinese peony flowers. Specifically, my favorite ones were the large pure white colored flowers that were fully blooming and shining under the early summer sunshine.

The beautiful garden, volcano, crater lake and unique double gondola... early summer in Gumma Prefecture is a satisfactory spot to visit.
Full-blown Chinese peony is seen in the "Iris Hill" in Gumma Prefecture