Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Walking along the Tokyu-Setagaya Line

Set number 309F of the Tokyu 300 series approaches Miyanosaka Stop on the Setagaya Line
It is early autumn in Tokyo. Although it is still hot in the daytime, the mornings and evenings are now quite comfortable. I took a walk around the neighborhood with my camera. My destination was Sangenjaya, which is a terminal of the Tokyu- Setagaya Line. I enjoyed taking photographs while strolling along the track to Sangenjaya.

The Setagaya Line, connecting Sangenjaya and Shimo-Takaido (5.0 km), was completed in 1925 as a tram route. The electric system is 600 V DC overhead. The gauge size is 1,372 mm. The whole route is an exclusive double track.

The electric car 300 series is the only model operated on the Setagaya Line. It was launched in 1999 to replace old models such as the 150 series. The train is articulated and composed of two cars. A total of 10 sets have been manufactured so far. Each set is a different color. They are blue, light blue, green, turquoise green, red, pink, yellow, light purple, orange and ex-Tamaden color. The tram runs leisurely through residential areas in a western suburb of Tokyo. This time, I am going to show you the orange colored tram, which is set number 309F, as the top photo.

After reaching Sangenjaya Terminal, I visited an observation deck of Carrot Tower, which is the tallest building in this area. This spot offered me a great view of the western suburb of Tokyo. I could see the Setagaya Line track and lovely trams just like a miniature railroad below my eyes.

A view of the Tokyu Setagaya Line from the observation deck of Carrot Tower Building