Thursday, 2 October 2014

Indonesian Railway Update: Ex-Yokohama Line Train

Set H4 of the EMU KRL Jabodetabek (ex-JR East) 205 series stands at Manggarai Station
Photo: Faris Fadhli
I have received news from an Indonesian rail fan again. The ex-JR East Yokohama Line train, the EMU 205 series, has debuted in Jakarta. My thanks go to Mr. Faris Fadhli, who kindly sent me the photos.

The 205 series is 1,067 mm gauge and 1,500V DC EMU, which was originally launched in Japan in 1985. It has been widely operated on the urban routes in the Tokyo metropolitan area. This model has a stainless body and DC commutator motors with a resistor control system.

Two decades have passed since the 205 series debuted. Following the 180 units of the ex-Saikyo Line 205 series, about 170 units of the ex-Yokohama Line 205 series were then moved to Indonesia after the retirement from the tracks in Japan. The local railway operator, KRL Jabodetabek (Jakarta Metropolitan Commuter Electric Railway), was pursuing the modernization of the trains in this rapidly growing city. They have been importing air conditioned secondhand EMUs from Japan since the 2000s.

On September 25th, the first commercial operation of the ex-Yokohama Line 205 series was conducted in Jakarta. It was set number H4, which used to belong to Kamakura Rail Yard in Japan. The ex-Yokohama Line 205 series is an 8-car train, while the ex-Saikyo 205 series train is a 10-car train. The KRL Jabodetabek has started to operate the ex-Yokohama Line 205 series right out of the box... 8-car trains.

I wish the ex-Yokohama Line 205 series well for its new life in Jakarta.

Set H9 of the EMU JR East 205 series stands at Yokohama Station (September, 2013)