Saturday, 4 October 2014

Exhibition of New Nambu Line Train

New Nambu Line train, set N1 of the EMU E233-8000 series is exhibited at Noborito Station
Following the Saikyo Line and the Yokohama Line, JR East has introduced a new model called the EMU E233-8000 series onto the Nambu Line. On Sunday, September 28th, JR East held a special exhibition of the E233-8000 series at Noborito Station, as it waited for its launch.

When I arrived at Noborito, I saw plenty of rail-fans, families and couples flocking to the station. According to media, 3,000 people joined the exhibition that day. The brand new train, set N1 of the E233-8000 series, was stood at platform number 2.

The specifications of the E233-8000 series are basically the same as the other E233 series being operated on the Chuo, Keihin-Tohoku, Saikyo and Yokohama lines, but the E233-8000 series is a 6-car train made up of 4 motorcars and 2 trailers (4M2T). It has stainless bodies with yellow, orange and brown-colored stripes. Special logos for the Nambu Line can be seen on the sides of the train.

JR East has announced that commercial operation of the E233-8000 series will commence on October 4th. A total of 35 sets, 210 units, are planned to be introduced onto the Nambu Line by the end of March 2015.

I wander where the present Nambu Line trains, the EMU 205 series, will go in the future? Are they going to move to Indonesia or just be scrapped? I can't stop thinking about that. I can't even sleep well.
Side view of the top number car, KuHa E233-8001 of Type KuHa E233-8000