Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Indonesian Railway Update: Test Run of the 12-car Train

Test run of the 12-car train, EMU ex-JR East 205 series, set number HaE 1 and HaE 12
Photo: Faris Fadhli (May 13th, 2015)
Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, has been achieving rapid development. The population now stands at 30 million including its surrounding area. It is the largest city in the Southeast Asian countries.

Although the city has been rapidly expanding, Jakarta is late in getting into city transportation. The local railway operator, KRL Jabodetabek, has not been folding their arms. They have been pursuing the modernization of the trains. Introduction of air conditioned second hand EMUs from Japan is one of the major solutions, but Jakartans are not released from daily stressful commuting. KRL Jabodetabek, then, geared up for operating long trains to reinforce the transportation capacity. A 10-car train was launched as the first step in April last year. KRL Jabodetabek, then, conducted the test run of a 12-car train recently.

Faris Fadhli, an active Indonesian rail fan, reported that a part of set number HaE 1 and HaE 12 of the EMU ex-JR East 205 series were selected to compose a test run train. The test run was successfully conducted on May 13th. Although it is still undecided, Faris expects that the two sets of ex-Nambu Line 205 series (a 6-car train) will be coupled and used for a 12-car train in the future. To cover the "added cars", the extension of platforms is essential for each station. I hope that the passengers get in and out of the train safely.

Faris-san, thank you very much for sending the latest news and the pictures.
The 12-car test run train arrives at Jakarta-kota Station on the Bogor Line
Photo: Faris Fadhli (May 13th, 2015)