Thursday, 13 August 2015

Old Stainless-steel Cars in the Histrical City

Set 6511F of the EMU Nankai 6200 series stands at Sakai-higashi Station on the Koya Line

When I visited Osaka Prefecture last year, I stopped by Daisenryo Tumulus, an old mounded tomb, in Sakai City. It is considered to have been constructed in the early 5th century as the mausoleum of Emperor Nintoku.

That's not the only one. There are many other ancient mounded tombs in this city. For instance, I saw a small keyhole-shaped barrow adjacent to Daisen Mounded Tomb. It is Nagayama Mounded Tomb, which was also built in the 5th century. Many researchers estimate that this tomb is a so-called baizuka, which is a tomb attached to the larger one.

To visit these ancient tombs, please take the Nankai-Koya Line and get off at Sakai-Higashi Station. Nankai is one of the major private railway companies in the Osaka area. The route extends to the southern part of Osaka and northern Wakayama Prefecture.

The EMU 6200 series is one of the main fleets on the Koya Line. It is an old stainless steel car, which debuted in 1974. A total of 11 sets (6-car and 4-car trains), 58 units, have been built over 8 years. Some sets were then modified from the rheostatic to VVVF (variable frequency drive) control system in the 2000s.

Is there something familiar about the Nankai 6200 series? Yes, it is similar to that of the EMU Tokyu 8000 series. A gable front with a gangway door, two large rounded front lights and corrugated stainless steel bodies... these two models are like two peas in a pod.

Nagayama Tumulus is located near Sakai-higashi Station on the Nankai Koya Line