Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Local Heroine in Shizuoka City

Set 1011F of the EMU Shizutetsu 1000 series, "Chibi Maruko-chan" poster train
Shizuoka Railway (Shizutetsu) is a small local company in Shizuoka City, some 180 km west of Tokyo. In addition to the Shogun train, Shizutetsu has many poster trains. I am going to show you one of such special poster trains today.

"Chibi Maruko-chan (a little Maruko)" is a famous TV animation series. It was created by a comic artist, Ms. Sakura Momoko in 1989. Sakura Momoko was born in Shimizu Ward of Shizuoka City in 1965. The series depicts the everyday life of Sakura Momoko, when she was a little girl in the year of 1974. Chibi Maruko-chan was Sakura Momoko's nickname at that time. I like Chibi Maruko-chan, as she is a bit tomboyish, but full of curiosity.

Starting from July 27th this year, Shizutetsu operates a special poster train with a Chibi Maruko-chan design. It is set number 1011F of the EMU 1000 series. A 2-car train is beautifully decorated with Chibi Maruko-chan characters on the pink colored background. The girls and boys wave to the Chibi Maruko-chan train, when they see it from the track and platform. Shizutetsu publishes the Chibi Maruko-chan train timetable on their website for the passengers.

For your information, the EMU Shizutetsu 1000 series is a stainless-steel commuter train launched in 1973. A total of 12 sets, 24 units have been built so far by Tokyu Sharyo. Shizutetsu has recently given a press release announcing that a new model A3000 series will debut in 2016, replacing the 1000 series.

Local heroine, "Chibi Maruko-chan"