Thursday, 10 September 2015

Preserved Electric Car and Lotus Field

Electric car, Kuriden M153 of the M15 series, is preserved in ex-Wakayanagi Station yard.
Railway business in Japan is by no means easy. Specifically, local railway companies in the countryside are in a tough situation because of depopulation and motorization. Many local routes have been abolished in the past three decades.

Kurihara Denen Railway in Miyagi Prefecture, some 420 km north of Tokyo, was no exception. It was partially opened as a light railway in 1921. The company then changed to an electric railway in 1955 for the transportation of ores from Hosokura Mine. Connecting Ishikoshi on the Tohoku Main Line and Hosokura-kozan (Hosokura Mine), its operating length was 25.7 km. The mine was closed in 1986, but the company had been operating trains for 19 years under deteriorating management conditions. Eventually, the route was abolished in 2007.

You can still see some preserved diesel and electric cars in ex-Wakayanagi Station. Specifically, an electric car M153 of the M15 series is my favorite. M153 was built in 1955 by Naniwa Koki. Its two large frontal windows and the rounded frontal lights are nostalgic and definitely my favorite. It is still preserved in good condition by local rail fans.

In the meantime, I also recommend you visit a lotus field of Izu-numa (Lake Izu) near ex-Wakayanagi Station. You can see a carpet of lotus flowers on the lake in August. It is probably Japan's largest lotus field. A special boat tour is being held on the lake during the flower season.

Enjoy the lotus field and the preserved electric car in Miyagi Prefecture!

Lotus field of Izu-numa (Lake Izu) near ex-Wakayanagi Station in Miyagi Prefecture
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