Friday, 13 November 2015

Hankai Mo 247: Old Japanese Streetcar in Edmonton City

Electric car, Edmonton Radial Railway Society 247 (ex-Hankai 247) in Edmonton City
(Photo: Kevin Volkmann)

One of my blog readers kindly sent me his photographs of an old Japanese streetcar, ex-Hankai Mo 247, in Edmonton City, Alberta, Canada. I am going to show you his beautiful photos today. Thanks, Kevin-san, for providing me with these precious photos.

Hankai Tramway is a small private company belonging to Nankai Electric Railway group in Osaka Prefecture. It has two tram routes in the southern part of Osaka and Sakai cities. The total operating length is 18.7 km, which was mostly opened in the early 20th century. The track is double and electrified. The gauge size is 1,435 mm. Its electric system is 600 V DC overhead.

The electric car Mo 247 of the Hankai Mo 205 series was built by Hirose Sharyo in 1947. The Mo 205 series was launched in 1937. A total of 46 units have been built for eleven years straddling WWII. It has an 11 m-long small body with three large frontal windows. The single rounded front light on the top of its face is definitely my favorite.

The Mo 205 series was retired from the track in 1990 being replaced by the new model, Mo 701 series. Most of the Mo 205 series have been scrapped, but Mo 247 fortunately escaped from dismantling and moved to Canada, crossing the Pacific Ocean. Currently, it is operated on the preserved railway in Edmonton City. Judging from the photos, it is still in good condition. I appreciate the fact that Canadian people cherish this precious old Japanese streetcar.

Interior of ex-Hankai 247 streetcar in Edmonton City, Alberta, Canada
(Photo: Kevin Volkmann)