Thursday, 19 November 2015

KuHa 201-1: Preserved Top Number Car

JR East KuHa 201-1 is exhibited in Toyoda Rail Yard for the 2015 Toyoda Train Festival
Following my previous post, I am going to continue to show you the other train, which was exhibited in the 2015 Toyoda Train Festival in Toyoda Rail Yard. It was KuHa 201-1 of the EMU 201 series.

The 201 series is a direct current commuter train developed by Japanese National Railways. The prototype car was launched in 1979. A total of 1,018 units have been built for six years by Tokyu Sharyo, Nippon Sharyo, Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Kinki Sharyo and Hitachi. The 201 series has already been retired from the tracks in the Tokyo metropolitan area, but is still operated in the Osaka area such as the Osaka Loop Line.

The KuHa 201-1 is a top number unit of the 201 series. It was built as the first mass-produced car in 1981, and was retired from the track in January, 2008. Seven years have already passed since it was preserved in Toyoda Rail Yard, but it is still in good condition. The vermilion colored body is still vivid. You can see the black colored jumper plug, which was restored on the front of the car after retirement from the track. It is for reproduction of KuHa 201-1's original style. I was very impressed that JR East staff put their heart into this historical train.

I am not sure what it will happen to it after this, but hope that KuHa 201-1 will be moved to the Railway Museum in Saitama City in the near future, otherwise it is just a useless treasure.

"KuHa 201-1", the top number car