Sunday, 17 July 2016

Top View from the Skytree

EMU Tobu 200 and 10030 series are seen from Tembo Galleria of Tokyo Skytree

I recently visited Tokyo Skytree with my family for the first time. What is Skytree? It is a TV and radio broadcasting tower located in front of Tokyo Skytree Station on the Tobu Line. At 634 meters high, Skytree is known as the world's tallest freestanding broadcasting tower. Tobu Railway group started construction of this new tower in 2008, and completed it in 2011 just after the 3.11 giant earthquake in the eastern part of Japan.

Since it was opened in 2012, Skytree has become a reputable sightseeing spot in Tokyo, but it is always crowded with sightseers. I had been hesitant to visit there. It was not a place I wanted to go out of my way to visit. So why did I change my mind recently? It was simply because it is hot and humid every day. I just needed to escape from the recent intense heat, but I didn't expect much there.

After my visit, I have totally changed my opinion. The view from Tembo Galleria, an observation deck located 450 meters above ground level, was excellent. I could see the Tobu trains running beneath my feet including the EMU 200 series, a limited express train, and the EMU 10030 series, a commuter train. Those trains looked like miniatures on a model railway. I could also see the large Hikifune Station on the elevated tracks, numerous small buildings surrounding the station, and two large rivers meandering between the forest of buildings ... it was fantastic! 

Tokyo Skytree... it is worth visiting at least once.

Top view from Tembo Galleria (450 m above ground level) of Tokyo Skytree