Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Electric Car 900 Series for the 900th Post

Electric car, unit number 912 of the Hiroden 900 series

Thank you for visiting the Tokyo Railway Labyrinth. This is the 900th post in my blog. I hope that people all over the world will continue to enjoy Japanese railways and its related facilities, events and sightseeing spots in this blog. In commemoration of the "900th" post, I am going to show the "900" series electric car today.

Please look at the top photo. It is an electric car Hiroden (Hiroshima Electric Railway) 900 series. This model was launched in 1957 under the name of Osaka City Tram 2601 series. A total of 114 units have been built by Osaka Sharyo, but only 9 of the 114 units were escaped from scrap and moved to Hiroshima in 1969, since Osaka City Tram was abolished due to severe traffic congestion.

The 900 series has two 45 kW DC motors. Its technical specification is rather old such as the nose suspension drive and the direct electric control system, but even now, the 900 series continues to work actively. The two-toned body color of beige and maroon is definitely my favorite. The two large air conditioners on the roof look a bit heavy.

I got off the 900 series streetcar at the Gembaku Dome-mae Stop. My purpose was embarking a river boat. Hiroshima is known as a city of waterways. The downtown is a delta area surrounded by several rivers, so, the tourists can enjoy these waterways by river cruise. I enjoyed a special atmosphere in the breeze on the river boat.

Boat tour in Hiroshima City