Saturday, 18 February 2017

Lucky Red Train on the Seibu Line

9003F of the Seibu 9000 series, Lucky Red Train, travels on the Ikebukuro Line

Trains painted with the other operators' colors are in vogue in Japan. They are Keikyu 2103F of the 2100 series and Tobu 208F of the 200 series, which are painted with the Taiwan Railway Administration (TRA) colors in accordance with friendship and cooperation agreements between Keikyu/Tobu and TRA. One more example is Seibu 9003F of the EMU 9000 series, called the Lucky Red Train, painted with Keikyu colors. I am going to show you this unique train today.

The circumstances of the Lucky Red Train are as follows. In the early 2010's, one "toshi-densetsu (urban legend)" was spread by Tokyoites, rumoring that a person who rides a yellow colored train, will obtain happiness. I don't know exactly why such a toshi-densetsu was spread, but it was probably because yellow colored trains are rare in Tokyo. These rare examples were Toei 8810, Tokyu 306F and Keikyu 1057F.

Among these three yellow colored trains, Keikyu 1957F was similar with the color design of the old Seibu trains. Many rail-fans pointed that out for Seibu. That was Seibu's turn. On July 19th, 2014, Seibu Railways conversely launched a train, which was painted with the standard Keikyu colors, and named it the Lucky Red Train. That was the exchange of color designs and a mark of friendship between Seibu and Keikyu. Needless to say, the Lucky Red Train became popular among rail-fans.

The railway companies in the Tokyo metropolitan area are launching various colors of trains in order to please passengers and rail-fans.

9003F of the Seibu 9000 series, Lucky Red Train (Keikyu color)