Saturday, 3 June 2017

EMU Shin-Keisei 8800 Series: New and Old Colors

EMU 8800 series (new color) travels on the Shin-Keisei Line

What made you like trains? For me, many answers that come to mind are..., because I love traveling, because I like cameras, because my father and grandfather worked for a railway company..., but, the prime reason is that I am excited with the coloring of trains! Once I see a beautifully colored train such as the Shinkansen E5 series or the Keikyu 2100 series, my heart beats faster. I am sure that you are no different.

Needless to say, coloring change of trains is also the greatest interest for me. I have been closely watching the trend of train colors in the Tokyo metropolitan area. For instance, Shin-Keisei Electric Railway is in the process of changing their train coloring from old corporate colors to new ones. Please look at the photos. The old colors are ivory and reddish brown; meanwhile new ones are white and pink. Although the train model is the same (EMU 8800 series), the new color design gives an impression totally different from that of the old one. The new design is certainly beautiful, but mere beauty does not wear well. To be honest, I prefer the old design, because it is simple and stylish for long-lasting usage. I hope that the original old design will be kept as long as possible.

For your information, the EMU Shin-Keisei 8800 series was launched in 1986. It is well known as the train with the then current technology, namely VVVF (Adjustable Voltage Adjustable Frequency) inverter control system..

EMU 8800 series (old color) travels on the Shin-Keisei Line