Sunday, 20 August 2017

EMU 13000 Series: New Model on the Hibiya Line

EMU Tokyo Metro 13000 series arrives at Nishi-Arai Station on the Tobu Line

I am posting a topic on the Subway Hibiya Line for the first time in four years. What has become of this busy commuter line?

On March 25th this year, Tokyo Metro, an operator of the subway lines, launched a new model, the EMU 13000 series, on the Hibiya Line. The introduction of the new model was for the first time, indeed, in 29 years. What was the difference between the old 03 series and the new 13000 series?

The largest difference is the size of the train bodies. The old 03 series has short 18 m-long bodies; while the new 13000 series has long 20 m-bodies. The Hibiya Line is an old route opened in 1961. There were many tight curves just below street intersections. The introduction of the large sized trains had been blocked for a long time, but there was no fighting against the trend of the times. Tokyo Metro has eventually removed the obstacles beside the tracks on the tight curves, and enabled the 20 m-long body trains to operate on the line. According to Tokyo Metro, 44 sets of the 13000 series will be built, and will replace the 03 series by 2020.

In the meantime, the trains on the Hibiya Line are directly operated onto the Tobu Line, which is also one of the transportation arteries in the Tokyo metropolitan area. Tobu has also recently introduced the new model. I am going to report it soon.

To be continued.

Side view of the EMU Tokyo Metro 13000 series

Official information about the EMU Tokyo Metro 13000 series: