Sunday, 22 October 2017

The Delicious Train on the Izukyu Line

Set R-3 of the EMU Izukyu 2100 series, the Kinme train, stands at Atami Station

On February 4th this year, Izukyu Railway launched a new renovated sightseeing train "the Izukyu Kinme train" on their track. What is Kinme? It is the name of a fish, caught offshore the Izu peninsula. Kinme (red bream) has a beautiful red colored body and is delicious in sashimi or even if cooked. Izukyu promotes tourism to the Izu peninsula by adopting the local specialty, Kinme, to their Kinme-colored train.

The formal name of the Izukyu Kinme train is set R-3 of the EMU 2100 series. Previously it had blue colored bodies with a gray colored stripe, which stood for the ocean and the sand beach on the coast of the Izu peninsula. As I posted before, the 2100 series is called "Resort 21", which has special facilities as a resort train. For instance, it has sloping tiers of seats to enjoy gorgeous mountain and ocean views in car number 1 and 7. Furthermore, car number 3 has a Kinme museum, where you can see the explanation and the illustration of Kinme. To our joy, an extra charge is not required to get on the Kinme train.

For your information, Izukyu is a local private railway company on the Izu Peninsula. Connecting Ito and Izukyu-Shimoda, the total operating length is 45.7 km. The entire route is an electrified single track. The electric system is 1,500 V DC overhead. The gauge size is 1,067 mm.

The Izukyu Kinme train is a delicious train on the resort peninsula.

Side view of the Kinme train