Tuesday, 15 October 2019

Hiroshima Electric Railway: Update

Set 1015, Green Mover LEX, of the Hiroshima Electric Railway 1000 series

I recently visited Hiroshima City for the first time in six years. What was new with the railways in this regional core city?

I found that the modernization of rolling stock is continued by a local company, Hiroshima Electric Railway (Hiroden). For instance, Hiroden keeps increasing the number of 1000 series trains. The 1000 series was launched in 2013 as an articulated three-car tram with two bogies. The total body length is 18.6 meters. The gauge size is 1,435 millimeters and the electric system is 600 V DC. Bogies of the 1000 series are equipped in cars number 1 and 3. In other words, car number 2 doesn't have a bogie... just being floated and being supported by cars number 1 and 3. The other feature of the 1000 series is its low floor. The height of the cabin floor is only 0.36 meters from the track. Needless to say, this structurally-engineered car is enthusiastically welcomed, especially by elderly people. Its current nickname is Green Mover LEX.

When I visited Hiroshima six years ago, only two sets of the 1000 series were seen on the limited routes. This time, a total of 16 sets are operated on all the routes. Compared with six years ago, these seem to belong to another age. I like this modern model, but I am also fond of Hiroden's traditional trams, such as the 750 and 1900 series. I wish all Hiroden's rolling stock well for their lives for a long time.

Set 1015 of the Hiroshima Electric Railway 1000 series leaves Chuden-mae stop

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