Friday, 22 November 2019

Tokyu Train Festival 2019: Class DMC4000

Diesel locomotive Class Tokyu DMC4000 is exhibited at Nagatsuta rail yard

After observing the inspection car, "TOQi", I found another strange car in the rail yard. It was a brand new, blue colored and convex type diesel locomotive. What was that? The answer was an engineering car, Class DMC4000, belonging to the Engineering Department of Tokyu Railways.

The Class DMC4000 is classified as a locomotive for industrial use. It is used for ballast transportation and pulling the rail-grinder car. In other words, this locomotive doesn't pull freight and passenger trains. The axis arrangement of the Class DMC4000 is Bo+Bo in UIC notation. The dry weight is 45 ton. The operating speed is 42 kilometers per hour pulling 120 ton materials on a horizontal track. It can go as fast as 10 kilometers per hour even on a 30 per mill inclined track.

The Class DMC4000 was built by Hokuriku Juki Kogyo Company in 2018. This company is well known as the manufacturer of the "Satoyama Torocco" sightseeing train on the Kominato Railway in Chiba Prefecture. Many rail-fans were flocking to the shooting area of the Class DMC4000, and taking photographs of this unique locomotive. I was also one of them. It was beautifully shining in the morning sun. It has become my favorite locomotive.

The railway employees of Tokyu Railways were very friendly and kind to visitors. They answered my questions nicely. The festival was indeed a great success. Plenty of people enjoyed the festival safely. I am truly grateful to Tokyu Railways Companies to have held this special event.

Diesel locomotive Class Tokyu DMC4000 (left)