Tuesday, 9 August 2011

The 100th Anniversary of "Toei" Transportation

The newest model electric car, Toei 8800 series near Gakushuin-shita Stop on the Arakawa Line

On 1st August, 2011, the Transportation Bureau of Tokyo Metropolitan Government (Toei) marked 100th anniversary of public transportation, i.e. trams, subways, monorail and automated guideway lines and bus services. The Transportation Bureau of Tokyo Metropolitan Government, whose former name was the Electric Bureau of Tokyo Municipal Government, commenced their tram operation in 1911 after acquiring Tokyo Railway Company. In commemoration of the 100th anniversary, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government is currently holding a special exhibition, “100 years transportation, Toden (tram car), bus and subway” in the Edo-Tokyo Museum in Ryogoku, an eastern part of downtown Tokyo. I enjoyed visiting there last weekend.

Among the many exhibitions, the most attractive one was the preservation of electric car No. 6086 of the 6000 series, which was displayed in the backyard of the museum (see the bottom photo). This car was manufactured in 1949 by Nihon Tetsudo & Jidosha Company, as part of a 290 unit stock of the 6000 series. It retired in 1978 after 29 years operation, but luckily, was spared from being scrapped. The classic 3 front windows and a large single round headlight are still very cool, aren’t they?

In the meantime, the top photo shows the newest model of electric car No. 8802 of the 8800 series. It was manufactured by Alna Sharyo Company, and launched in 2009, as the next-generation electric car. The wide single front window and small double headlights are in contrast to those of the classic 6000 series.

Congratulations on the 100th anniversary of Toei Transportation.

Preserved electric car, No. 6086 of Toei 6000 series in Edo-Tokyo Museum

More information aboout Toei Transportation: http://www.kotsu.metro.tokyo.jp/eng/index.html
More information about Edo-Tokyo Museum: http://www.edo-tokyo-museum.or.jp/english/index.html