Friday, 12 August 2011

Tokyo Metro's Well Made Promo Videos

16000 series, the newest EMU of Tokyo Metro at Chitose-funabashi Station on the Odakyu Line

Everyday, I take the Tokyo Metro-Chiyoda Line to my office near Tokyo Station. I am fond of admiring the view from the window of the train, but the outside is just “black” because it’s underground. I mean that the Chiyoda Line is a subway route.

Instead of admiring the view, I enjoy in-car video monitors, which are equipped just above the train doors in the newest EMU; 16000 series (the top and the bottom photos). My current favorites are “Tokyo Wonderground” and “Automatic Platform Gate”. They are both Tokyo Metro’s promo videos.

“Tokyo Wonderground” introduces “The city of Tokyo as having Tokyo Metro”. Ms. Anne Watanabe, who is a popular fashion model in Japan, is employed as the “image character” of the video. You can watch the same one on the internet as well.

Please click “60 seconds version (60秒ver.)” to enjoy the full story. You will discover the many different aspects of the subways and people’s life in Tokyo.

“Automatic Platform Gate” introduces Tokyo Metro’s engagement with passenger safety on the platform. The company is currently encouraging the installation of automatic platform gates. You can also enjoy the same ones on the internet.

This video is quite creative and unique, because the automatic platform gate is compared to a bodyguard. But, the gimmick is a secret here. You'll see about that.

"Tokyo Wonderground" and "Automatic Platform Gate" are well made promo videos by Tokyo Metro, which indeed make sure everyone has a fun time.

EMU Tokyo Metro16000 series at Kyodo Station on the Odakyu Line.

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