Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Countdown to the Last Run, Odakyu HiSE and RSE

EMU Odakyu "Romance Car" RSE, 20000 series passes through  Kyodo Station

Do you know the Japanese word "Mottainai"?

Mottainai has a similar meaning to the English word "wasteful". But, it is a bit different. In Japan, "Mottainai" is often used in relation to the throwing away of things or foodstuffs, which are still usable. Specifically, old people, who know the lean days of Japan, often use this word.

Odakyu Railway recently decided the displacement plan of their trains. Consequently, two types of "Romance Car" will be retired soon. They are the EMU 10000 series, HiSE, and 20000 series, RSE.

The EMU 10000 series, HiSE (see the bottom photo) was launched in 1987 in commemoration of the 60 year anniversary of the Odakyu Line. To ensure a good view of the scenery, the passenger rooms of this train are high up. It is unique, but barrier-free readiness for the aged and the disabled judged by current standards is difficult.

The EMU 20000 series, RSE (see the top photo) was launched in 1991 to commence direct operation to Numazu on the JR Central Gotenba Line. The most peculiar point is that it has a double decker Green Car (first class) at the center of the 7-car train. It is a quite gorgeous; but, it has been suffering from a decrease in passengers.

I understand the company situation, such as the barrier-free policy and the decreasing of passengers; however, these Romance Cars are still usable.

I must say "Mottainai". I hope that other railway companies take over these premier trains and operate them in the future.

EMU Odakyu "Romance Car" HiSE, 10000 series passes through  Kyodo Station

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